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Minouk Lim
This brochure was published to accompany the exhibition Minouk Lim: Mamour.

Minouk Lim's work recalls historic losses, ruptures, and repressed traumas. Rooted in language, and specifically the politics of expression, of what has been said and what that, in turn, has silenced, her sculptures, videos, performances, and installations don't replay past events, rather, they elevate the experiences, memories, and feelings of those sidelined by the political violence of the Korean war and its ensuing process of monderization. Curator Soyeon Ahn has written that Lim's work "testifies on behalf of the invisible." Indeed, her projects cast that which has gone lost and missing—be this collective memories or deep feelings of longing and grief—into generative, even hopeful, new forms.

—Lauren Cornell, Director of the Graduate Program and Chief Curator at CSS Bard. Formerly she was the Curator and Associate Director of Technology Initiatives at the New Museum.

Publisher:  Tina Kim Gallery
Artist: Minouk Lim
Catalogue Type: Monograph, 2017
Dimensions:  7.5 x 11 inches
Pages: 123
Texts in English

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