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Ha Chong-Hyun: Return to Color -  - Shop - Tina Kim Gallery

This catalog is published by Tina Kim Gallery on the occasion of an exhibition Ha Chong-Hyun: Return to Color

All artworks by Ha Chong-Hyun
Copyright © Ha Chong-Hyun

"What Abstraction Can Face Up To" © John Yau
"Transforming Conjunctions: The Presence and Absence of Color" © Robert Morgan

Managing Editor: SoYoung Kim
Design and Production: Hyunjung Rhee
Copy Editing: Hilary Becker
Printed and bounded by Shin-Myung Printing, Seoul, Korea

Dimensions: 10 x 10 inches
Pages: 128
Text in English

ISBN 978-0-9834465-9-0

$45.00 plus taxes, shipping & handling

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