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Real DMZ Project

“DMZ does not allow us to capture or record it. However, there is a light and a song seen and heard only in the night created by DMZ Portable Keepers whenever they encounter mines, weapons, or lost souls. Armed with those sounds and lights they make as they light up, they are the guardians of the DMZ." - the Real DMZ Project on Minouk Lim's Portable Keepers.

The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) is an inescapable facet of Korean history that still holds power to this day, as a cultural landmark and physical reality. Minouk Lim tackles complicated sentiments that arise from the existence of the DMZ through her virtual installation of Portable Keepers, alongside virtual installations by international artists such as Lee Bul, Kyungah Ham, and SUPERFLEX, for 'The Real DMZ Project.’

Visit the full virtual reality tour from 'The Real DMZ Project’ on Youtube, available from April 7th to May 23rd. The REAL DMZ PROJECT is a contemporary art and research project focused on issues of the DMZ and the border area. This online exhibition brings the artists’ visionary concepts into virtual realization in the hope that it will contribute to the viewers’ perspectives on and rethinking of the border and the division of Korea.

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