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Obayashi Foundation

The Obayashi Foundation has selected the Korea-based artist Minouk Lim as the forth recipient of the “Visions of the City - Obayashi Foundation Research Program” grant.

The first grant recipient was Makoto Aida; the second was Theaster Gates; the third was exonemo. In the 2023 fiscal year grant program period, Minouk Lim will carry out investigation and research. Detailed information will be announced when it is confirmed.

Minouk Lim

Minouk Lim (b. 1968) is an artist of many forms and has been creating works that are beyond the boundary of different genres and media, deepening the scope of questions while encompassing writing, music, video, installation, and performance as her modes of artistic expression. Lim's practice recalls historic losses, ruptures, and repressed traumas. Rooted in language, and specifically, the politics of expression, her work does not replay past events, rather, they elevate the experiences, memories, and feelings through the means of imagining or engaging structural beings of non-human witnesses in her performative sculptural objects and installations.

About “Visions of the City – Obayashi Foundation Research Program”

This creative grant program is carried out every two years by Obayashi Foundation with the aim of supporting artists’ research and investigation activities on the theme of “cities.” Launched in 2017, the program is being held this year for the fourth time.

Based on recommendations of a five-member selection committee, the program awards grants to artists with an abundance of creative ideas and a strong interest in the life of cities. Selected artists carry out research and investigations on issues facing urban areas, from original perspectives that differ from conventional approaches to urban planning, and present ideas and proposals for approaches to a city in which they would like to live or to an innovative or ideal type of urban environment.

Selection Committee

Shinobu Nomura (Senior Curator, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery)

Vice Chairperson:
Kenjiro Hosaka (Shiga Museum of Art)

Shihoko Iida (Curator)
Koichiro Osaka (Founder / Director, ASAKUSA)
Tomoko Yabumae (Curator, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)

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