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International Examiner

“When silence is prolonged over a certain period of time, it takes on new meaning.”
― Yukio Mishima

Mishima certainly spoke volumes in the quote above as it relates to this groundbreaking exhibition: The Unseen Professors: Leo Amino (1911-1989), Minoru Niizuma (1930-1998), John Pai (b. 1937),curated by noted poet and art critic John Yau and currently at the Tina Kim Gallery in New York City.

A concise display of about 30 works, the exhibition details the art of three Asian sculptors born in Taiwan, Japan and Korea respectively: Leo Amino, Minoru Niizuma and John Pai. Their lives served as an important part of the American Art movement of the 60’s and 70’s ― from the period of their immigration to America and their studies at universities and schools of distinction, all the way to their unique careers as artists and teachers.

With much taking place today in the area of underrepresented art and its artists, both of the past as in the present, nothing came most relevant and contemporary than this fine exhibition. Recognizing the importance of artists of color and their work and why, while revered by peers and institutions, they end up being ignored and forgotten by the mainstream art world.

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