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Davide Balliano in the Studio

The artist with one of his pieces

By Joelle Grosso

Talented young artist Davide Balliano is currently making waves in the art world and has a number of shows coming up in 2017. Originally from Turin, Balliano decided to make the trip overseas and is currently living in New York City. His intricate pieces are characterized by their abstract forms, minimalistic touches, and structural framework. He has been featured in exhibitions all over Europe including Timothy Taylor Gallery in London, Galerie Rolando Anselmi in Berlin, and Michel Rein Gallery in Paris, but Balliano is looking forward to working with the Tina Kim Gallery right here in New York.

Several recent paintings will be presented that were created specifically for this exhibition and they carefully display “synthesized elements that speak to the notion of proportion and consider humanity’s place in relationship to the power of the universe.” Balliano’s interests in philosophy, theology, and physics are clearly reflected in his work which is grounded in the contemplation of nature, its overpowering dimensions, as well as the human condition...

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