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Kim Tschang-Yeul, Composition (1969). Acrylic and cellulose lacquer on burlap. 162 x 136 cm.

Courtesy the artist and Tina Kim Gallery.

It comes as no surprise that gallerist Tina Kim will be showing three fabulous paintings by one of Korea's most celebrated artists, the late Kim Tschang-Yeul, as a long-time advocate of the painter.

Alongside two of his iconic 'water drop' paintings, this 1969 work titled Composition will be showing at Tina Kim Gallery's booth.

Undulating and almost cellular in form, with rings of gradated nuclei wrapping around the pictorial centre, Composition is part of a series of works that Kim embarked on upon relocating to Paris in 1969.

Speaking on these oozing forms, Vivian Chui wrote for Ocula Magazine: 'These compositions allude to the visual vocabularies of Minimalism and Op Art—most tellingly in the way that sparse backgrounds give way to swelling, ambiguous shapes; Kim fittingly referred to the canvases as "paintings of the intestines", in light of their apparent biomorphism'.

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