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For her first-ever solo presentation at Art Basel in Miami Beach, Tina Kim selected a handful of Dansekhwa (Korean minimalist) works in addition to stranger, more contemporary fare. A sculpture resembling an upside-down stand, Six Legs - long #19-05 (2019), by this year's Venice Biennale participatn Suki Seokyeong Kang, stands across from an abstract, blue-striped canvas, From Line (1981), by the established Korean minimalist and Mono-ha leader Lee Ufan. 


Minouk Lim offered another funky highlight: a sculpture titled Camel's Ocean (2015), made from wood, an octopus net, squid bones, sea snail shells, blue sugar, and various other materials. Two paintings by Kim Tschang-Yeul (the artist whose work is featured at Kim's New York space through December 7th), featuring bold, graphic, bulbous forms, also sold. "It was important to show some of the artists I've recently shown in New York," said Kim, adding that through the booth, she also wanted to maintain her reputation as a Dansaekhwa guru.

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