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Tina Kim Gallery in New York is hosting an exhibition “Ability vs. Invisibility” by artist Chung Seoyoung that will be on view through April 15, 2017.

The exhibition presents a range of works from 2007 to the present by South Korean artist Chung Seoyoung (b.1964, Seoul), marking it her solo debut in the US. Throughout her career, Chung has rigorously worked with a precise sculptural language, carefully manipulating everyday objects and materials and intervening into the spaces with which her works engage, which expanded to include video, performance and sound as well, since the early 2000s. Her works are focussed on transposing her perception of industrialism and domestic, urban environments into the vernacular of her sculpture, which often operated through a logic of denial and reduction, which can be noticed in her work “Nobody Notices It (2012-2016),” on view at the exhibition. Also on view at the exhibition is her multi-media installation “The Adventure of Mr. Kim and Mr. Lee (2010-2012)”- a three-channel video made from the footage of a performance at LIG Art Hall, Seoul in 2010, showcasing nine performers and one dog situated throughout the stage, the dressing room and the hallways of LIG Art Hall, emphasizing on inert objects or people, highlighting the artist’s indebtedness to sculpture and the careful consideration of objects...


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