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Return to Color: Ha Chong-Hyun

Exhibition Walkthrough Video



In this video feature of Ha Chong-Hyun’s third solo exhibition with the gallery, we invite you to take a closer look at his recent practice.


SoYoung Kim, Director at Tina Kim Gallery, explains the evolution of Ha Chong-Hyun's Conjunction series and examines Ha's recent practice with new polychromatic works that highlight the artist's constant experimentation with color, materiality, and method. 


The title of the series, Conjunction, refers to the inextricable relationship between the visceral nature of his work and the mindful action that characterizes Ha’s practice. The method of repeatedly pushing pigment through and across the loose weave of the hemp canvas at once indexes the intentional, meditative hand of Ha and breathes life into the paint. Ha masterfully “conjoins” materiality and method, and opens up new dimensions of expressivity through an unprecedented exploration of color and mark making.


Narrated by SoYoung Kim | Video by Hyunjung Rhee

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