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Minouk Lim - Artists - Tina Kim Gallery

Minouk Lim (b. 1968) is an artist of many forms, and has been creating works that are beyond the boundary of different genres and media, deepening the scope of questions while encompassing writing, music, video, installation and performance as her means of artistic expression. Lim’s work recalls historic losses, ruptures, and repressed traumas. Rooted in language, and specifically the politics of expression, of what has been said and what that, in turn, has silenced, her sculptures, videos, performances, and installations don’t replay past events, rather, they elevate the experiences, memories, and feelings of those sidelined by the political violence of the Korean war and its ensuing process of modernization. Curator Soyeon Ahn has written that Lim’s work “testifies on behalf of the invisible.” Indeed, her projects cast that which has gone lost and missing—be this collective memories or deep feelings of longing and grief--into generative, even hopeful, new forms.

Lim also participated in a number of group exhibitions and biennials including the Asian Art Society Triennial (2020), the Gwangju Biennial (2020 & 2014), the Setouchi Triennale (2016) Sydney and Taipei Biennial (2016), Paris Triennale (2012), Liverpool Biennial (2010), Political populism (Kunsthalle Wien 2015), The Time of Others (Museum of Tokyo, 2010) and Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists from Korea (LACMA, 2009-2010). Lim’s works are collected at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts, Korea; Gyeonggi Museum of Art; Seoul City Art Museum; Kandist Art Foundation, San Francisco; Walker Art Center; and ArtSonje Center, Korea. 



Process video of Portable Keeper Sea, 2020

In this new episode of Dispatches From Korea, Tina Kim Gallery is pleased to share Minouk Lim's creative journey in Jeju Island. The video follows the production process of Lim's recent video work, Portable Keeper Sea (2020). Portable Keeper Sea was included in the group exhibition, Born, A Woman, at Suwon Museum of Art (Suwon, South Korea), which presented a collection of various women’s narratives, intersecting dichotomies, and research, through visual representations of gender politics in relation to Suwon’s history.

Virtual studio visit with Minouk Lim in Korea as she discusses her work, memory, and the importance of preservation.

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