For the first time, Tina Kim Gallery is pleased to participate in the EXPO Chicago 2017. This year the booth will spotlight a selection Dansaekhwa artists including Chung Chang-Sup, Park Seo-Bo, Ha Chong-Hyun, Chung Sang-Hwa, Lee Ufan, and Kwon Young-Woo. Over the years these artist were the highlight of various international including the  2015 56th Venice Biennial and The Boghossian Foundation Dansaekhawa exhbition in 2016.

Dansaekhwa is a Postwar artistic movement of Korea, transcending the vast difference between the modern language of the West and the traditional Korean aesthetic and materiality. Art from the Dansaekhwa movement is a product of a collective struggle experieced by a group of artists  in which they were able to deviate themselves from cultural colonialism, while co-currently maintaining tradition within the global context of modernism.

In addition to the achievements of the Dansaekhwa artists, Tina Kim Gallery is pleased to announce their inclusion in the upcoming exhibtion  collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum for the extensive Korean arts exhibition Arts of Korea at the Brooklyn Museum. This exhibition will be the inaugural celebration of the museum’s 2nd floor rennovation. Dansaekhwa works will be on view alongside traditional Korean arts dating from Three Kingdoms to Joseon Dynasty, wherefore providing a substantial overview Korean art history.

Additionally, works by the following artists will be available: Ghada Amer, Wook-Kyung Choi, Davide Balliano, Louise Bourgeois, Kyungah Ham, Michael Joo, Joan Mitchell, Ed Ruscha, and Kim Yong-Ik. 

For more information about available works please contact: Rachel Horvath at | (212) 716-1100