Born in 1931, Yé-Cheon, Gyeong-Buk, Korea

Graduated, Painting Dept. of Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea

Honorary Doctoral Degree, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea

Founded Seo-Bo Art and Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions
ECRITURE, Galerie Perrotin, Paris, France
Park Seo-Bo, Langen Foundation, Neuss, Germany 
The Untiring Endeavorer, The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

ECRITURE, Perrotin Gallery, New York
ECRITURE 1967-1976, White Cube, Hong Kong 

ZIGZAG: Ecriture 1983-1992, White Cube Gallery, London, UK
White Cube Gallery, London, UK
Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong
Empty the Mind: The Art of Park Seo-Bo, Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Tina Kim Gallery, New York, NY
Galerie Perrotin, New York, USA
Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, Korea
Johyun Gallery, Busan, Korea

Galerie Perrotin, Paris, France

Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea

Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Park, Seo-Bo, a Forerunner of Korean Avant-garde: Record His 60 years, Busan Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan, Korea
Johyun Gallery, Busan, Korea

ART TAIPEPI 2010, Wellside Gallery(Booth NO.43), Taipei

Empty the mind, Gallery Arario New York, New York, USA
Empty the mind, Wellside Gallery, Shanghai, China

PARK, SEO-BO Today Playing with Color, Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Ansan.
Gallery Arario, Beijing, China

Cabinet des Dessins, Musée D ‘art Moderne, Saint-Etienne Métropole, Saint-Etienne.

REMBA Gallery, LA, USA

Ace Gallery Los Angeles, LA, USA

BASEL ART FAIR, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Musée Basel, Basel.
FIAC ’96, Jo Hyun Gallery, Espace Eiffel Branly, Paris, France

PARK, SEO-BO’s Painting: Its Forty Years, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea

Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

National Central Libarary Gallery, Seoul, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions
New Beginnings: Between Gesture and Geometry, Athens
Dansaekhwa and Minimalism, Blum & Poe, Los Angeles, New York
When Process Becomes Form: Dansaekhwa and Korean Abstraction, Villa Empain, Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, Belgium
Dansaekhwa: The Adventure of Korean Monochrome from 70s to today, Domaine de Kerguéhennec, Bignan

Dansaekhwa, Palazzo Contarini-Polignac, Venice, Italy
Avant-Garde Asia: Lines of Korean Masters, Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery, Hong Kong
The Art of Dansaekhwa, Kukje Gallery, Seoul
From All Sides: Tansaekhwa on Abstraction, Blum & Poe, Los Angeles, USA

Soul of Line, Ungno Lee Museum of Art, Daejeon, Korea
FIAC 2010, Kukje Gallery, Grand Palais & Louvre, Paris, France
Special Planned Exhibition Clayarch Gimhae Museum 2010 ‘OFF THE WALL’ Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae, Korea
The Opening Exhibition of Seongbuk Museum of Art ‘The PRESENCE’, Seongbuk Museum of Art, Seoul
ART HK 2010 (Hong Kong International Art Fair), Keumsan Gallery (Booth No.04), Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong
CLOUD-Power of Asian Contemporary Art, Soka Art Center, Beijing, China
Beginning of New Era, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
MIXOGRAFIA- Innovation and Collaboration-, the Vivian and Gordon Gilkey Center for Graphic Arts, Portland Museum, Oregon, USA
The Color of Nature: Monochrome Art in Korea, Wellside Gallery, Shanghai, China
Kim Tschang-Yeul + Park Seo-Bo + Lee Ufan, Johyun Gallery, Busan, Korea
Transcendence : Modernity and Beyond in Korean Art, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
SIPA 2008 (Seoul International Print Photo Art Fair 2008), Wellside Gallery, Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
Busan Biennale 2008: Leaders of Asia’s Contemporary Art, Busan, Korea
Korean Abstract Art: 1958-2008, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
Urban Crossroads: New York, Paris, Seoul, Belgrade Cultural Centre, Belgrade
Poetry in Motion, Galerie BEYELER, Basel
A Table of Korean Contemporary Art, Leeahn Gallery, Daegu, Korea
Elastic Taboos-Within the Korean World of Contemporary Art, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria
PARK, SEO-BO & LEE KANG SO; WORKING WITH NATURE (Tate Gallery Liverpool) 14 years later, Gallery Samtuh, Seoul, Korea
SIPA 2006 (Seoul International Print, Photo & Edition Works Art Fair), Korea Print Art Promotion Committee, Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
ART SINGAPORE 2006, Lee Hwaik Gallery, Suntec Singapore Level 6 Hall, Singapore
Established Statues, Gallery SP, Seoul, Korea
MELBOURNE ART FAIR 2006, Gallery Samtuh, Melbourne, Australia
ART CHICAGO 2006 at Navy Pier, UM Gallery, Chicago, IL
ART FAIR BOLOGNA, Galerie Dorothea Van Der Koelen Mainz, Bologna Exhibition Center, Bologna, Italy
TRADITION UND ZEITGEIST: Koreanische Gegenwarts Kunst, Galerie Hellhof & Galerie Hana, Kronberg, Germany
SHANGHAI ART FAIR 2005, KOREAN SPECIAL EXHIBITION: Park, Seo-Bo/ Chung, Chang-Sup/ Yun, Hyong-Keun-, Shanghai Mart, Shanghai, China
Art Cologne Now, Galerie Dorothea Van der Koelen Mainz (Halle 9 1, Stand C-011), Koln
Das Koreanische Monochrom: Park, Seo-Bo/ Lee Ufan/ Kim, Guirin/ Yun, Hyong-Keun-, Galerie Dorothea Van der Koelen Mainz, Mainz
Art & Issue: China-Korea Art Exchange Exhibition, Soka Contemporary Space, Beijing, China
SEOUL ART FAIR 2005, Gallery Samtuh & Jean Art Gallery & Gallery Sejul, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
Contemporary Art of Korea, Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan, Korea
Exhibition of Park, Seo-Bo & Kim, Tschang-Yeul, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
The 30th Anniversary Exhibition: From Modern to Contemporary, Kongkan Gallery, Busan, Korea
KIAF 2005 (Korea International Art Fair), Gallery Samtuh, Coex/Indian Hall, Seoul, Korea
The 35th Anniversary Exhibition Part II: Modern & Contemporary Masters, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
ART TAIPEI 2005, Soka Art Center, Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall3, Taipei
ON Line + OFF Line, UM Gallery, Seoul
The Art Festival for World Peace 2004, Liu Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai, China
SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2004, Jean Art Gallery, Shanghai Mart Hall, Shanghai, China
MELBOURNE ART FAIR 2004, Gallery Samtuh, Melbourne, Australia
ART CHICAGO 2004 at Navy Pier, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Chicago, USA
Monochrome Paintings of Korea, Past and Present, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
KIAF 2004 (Korea International Art Fair), Gallery Samtuh & Korea Art Gallery, Coex/Indian Hall, Seoul
The Special Show of the Most Distinguished Contemporary Artists in Korea, China International Gallery Expositions, Beijing, China
China International Gallery Exposition, UM Gallery, China International Science and Technology Exposition Center, Beijing, China
Traditional & Innovation, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
SEOUL ART FAIR 2003, Gallery Samtuh, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
ART COLOGNE 2003, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Koln
SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2003, Johyun Gallery, Shanghai Mart Hall, Shanghai
6th Triennale Mondiale D’Estampes Petit Format 2002, Chamalieres, France
FIAC 2003, Ci-Gong Gallery, Paris, France
KIAF 2003 (Korea International Art Fair), Gallery Samtuh & Johyun Gallery, Coex/Indian Hall, Seoul, Korea
ART CHICAGO 2003 at Navy Pier, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Chicago, USA
ART 2003 (Daegu Art Expo 2003), Johyun Gallery & Gallery Shilla, EXCO, Daegu, Korea
Tradition & Innovation III: Koreanische Gegenwartskunst, Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst, Berlin
White Spectrum: Joseon White Porcelain and Korean Contemporary Art, Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Gwangju, Korea
Appreciation of Abstract Paintings, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
Korean Contemporary Art from the 1970’s to mid-1980’s Age of Philosophy and Aesthetics, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
KIAF 2002 (Korea International Art Fair), Johyun Gallery & Gallery Canji, Busan Convention Center, Busan, Korea
30th Anniversary of Jean Art Gallery-Korea: Japan Contemporary Art 2002, Jean Art Gallery, Jean Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2002 ART COLOGNE 2002, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Koln
ART CHICAGO 2002 AT NAVY PIER, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Chicago, USA
BASEL ART FAIR, Gallery Hyundai, Musee Basel, Basel
San Francisco International Art Exposition, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, USA
The Unfinished Century: Legacies 20th Century Art, Organizers: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo The Yomiuri Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan
Visiting Artist: Maestro of Korean Contemporary Art, Promoting Kumho Museum & Art Magazine Wolganmisool, Seoul, Korea
ART PALMBEACH, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Palm Beach, USA
POST ART FAIR, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
ART COLOGNE 2001, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Koln
Korean Contemporary Art 1970-90, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
A Shadow of Myo-Oh, Gallery art Sagan, Seoul
8th INTERNATIONAL WORK ON PAPER FAIR 2001, Gellery Samtuh, Sydney
Super PHAT, Cypress College Fine Art Gallery, Cypress, CA
Korean Contemporary Art from mid-1960’s to mid-1970’s: A Decade of Transition and Dynamics, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
ART CHICAGO 2001 at Navy Pier, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Chicago
ART MIAMI 2001, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Miami
ART PALMBEACH 2001, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Palmbeach
ART COLOGNE 2000, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Koln
12 Contemporary Artists 2000, Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea
San Francisco International Art Exposition, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Postwar Abstract Art in Korea and the West: Passion and Expression, Ho-Am Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
MELBOURNE ART FAIR 2000, Jean Art Gallery, Melbourne
Figurative Non-Figurative, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
What is so of itself, POSCO Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
An Aspect of Korean Contemporary Art: In the 1950s to the 1960s, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
The Special Exhibition of the Facet of Korean and Japan Contemporary Art at Man + Space,  Gwangju Biennale 2000, Gwangju
ECOLE DE SEOUL, National Museum of contemporary Art & Kwan-Hoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Korean Art of 50 Years: 1950-1999, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
NICAF TOKYO ’99, Jean art Gallery & Galerie Bhak, Tokyo, Japan
Les Peintres Du SILENCE, Musee des Arts Asiatiques, Nice, Japan

Les Peintres du SILENCE-La Corée d’ Aujourd’hui, Musée Château des ducs de Wurtemberg, Montbèliard, France

Working with Nature: Traditional Thought in Contemporary Art from Korea, Tate Gallery Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

REVOLUTION : FLASH-BACK, Paris Art Center, Paris, France

The 43rd La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy

Secondes Rencontres Internationles d’Art Contemporian, Galeries Nationales du Grand Paris, Paris, France

Korea : Facet of Contemporary Art, Tokyo Central Museum of Art, Tokyo, Korea

Korea : Five Artists Five Hinsek, White, Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

The 8th & 13rd Biennale de São Paulo, Brazil

The 3rd Biennale de Paris, Paris, France